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Florentino writes: February 27, 2015 2:33 am Hi Rosie. I understand you had to leave The View for health reasons. But just how long does one have to be away from work to recover from an injury, illness, etc? Couldn't you please just come back on the show next season? I'm sure you'll be much better by then right? The View is just not the same without your perspective and everyone misses you no i cannot
Tom writes: February 27, 2015 2:32 am I love you. I think you are so funny. Just wanted you to know that when some put you down, and tried to steal your spirit, know that we all noticed and lost a little bit of our own spirit too. Stay strong. We love you. xxx
Brendan writes: February 26, 2015 10:34 pm Did you know within the first couple of weeks that The View wasn't going to work? Also, I just emailed Fremantle Media Australia (the production company) and told them to put you in Wentworth ASAP - that would be AMAZEBALLS
Patricia Scalise writes: February 26, 2015 10:34 pm You need everyone to back off and allow you space, so you can adjust your present and design your future to your liking. If you truly enjoy your life the children will all support you with love..Yourself Ro, you have to think of yourself....hmmm I guess I just became an advice giver.. sorry but my words are sent with respect and sincerity. and i thank u
Hayden writes: February 26, 2015 10:33 pm Rosie, you're the real deal. I wish you could really explain what happened at the view. Please write a book on it. Please just tell me how horrible was Whoopi to you? I'm dying to know

like this beautiful man - i love whoopi
Jill writes: February 26, 2015 10:32 pm What are some of your dreams and future plans? You have a lot to offer society and whatever you do I know it will be impactful :) life

thats the only plan
Peg writes: February 26, 2015 10:31 pm Just caught your HBO show. You look great. How did you lose the weight? Besides being scared shitless from having a heart attack. What dietary changes did you make? Thanks for using your celebrity to spread the word of women's health awareness. VGS - THIS SHOULD BE A LINK
Gus writes: February 26, 2015 10:31 pm Hi Rosie ;-) would love to purchase your large munny with purple ink. Please post on your store and I'll purchase. Sending you lots Califrona sunshine. ok
barry cohen writes: February 26, 2015 10:30 pm Rosie: Watched HEPPP skit warning women about the early signs of a heart attack. Our adopted juvenile diabetic marathon running 25 year old daughter Meghan had a massive heart attack in Sept. It was like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat. We were absolutely blindsided becauce up until that point she had no cholestral problems, watched her sending love 2 u
Brenda O'Brien writes: February 26, 2015 7:56 pm Hi Rosie, just wanted you to know that I received my munny today in the mail. I bought the pink one with blue on it. I love it, but the one arm is not coloured...I also got an acrylic print, it has your daughter and soldiers I think. One person is caring a child. I guess I can finish her, but I hate to touch it and ruin it!!! You do amazing work!!! some arms i leave blank

and the acrylic is an anti war message

thanks for buying it
Sharon writes: February 25, 2015 8:12 pm What does HEPPP stand for again? Hot Exhausted Puke Pain P. ? HOT
Rebecca writes: February 25, 2015 8:10 pm I'm looking for a creative outlet to release some stress. Love your doodling on the Munnies. Wondering what PENS do you use? I adore doodling and think it will help relax me. 3 teens in the house! Thank you, Rosie! sharpies
Tessa Whitus writes: February 25, 2015 8:10 pm My husband and I are foster parents. I just watched this week's episode of The Fosters and I LOVE that you are on the show. Your character is who I want to be "when I grow up":) We are one of the few homes in our county who will foster teenagers. My dream is to open/operate my own group home! You are bringing awareness to such an important issue thanks for what u do tessa

Jenn G writes: February 25, 2015 8:10 pm I thought you had 6 kids? you only gave 5 ages when asked .... i have a godson ellis

he is part of the family
of my heart
he feels like my kid too

he is here often

we love him
Tom writes: February 25, 2015 8:09 pm What did your kids say about your HBO special? they all went to the shows when i was working it out

they were there when it was filmed

they r ok with it
they r used to me